EN Segna Business
  • Business model analysis; business plan development
  • Cost centres definition for specific company analysis
  • Budgeting support, commercial business plan, Financial Statement and Cash Flow budget developing model
  • Budget and forecast preparing and review: economical and financial data analysis and forecasting


EN Segna GstFin


  • 12 months treasury plan development, with the evaluation of financial needs according to the credit situation
  • Operational relationships with banks and financial companies
  • Treasury planning and actions to be taken
  • Daily bank account monitoring
  • HB transfers, bank reconciliations


EN Segna Ctrl


  • Drafting and sharing of management and commercial periodic reports; Key Perforamance Indicators (KPI) identification and monitoring activity
  • Management income statement drafting, with provisions and accruals; cost centers analysis with department managers
  • Periodic balance sheet drafting
  • Periodic verification of the correct use of the elements of analytical accounting and of the correct allocation in the general accounting
  • Periodic analysis of stock data and potential slow moving indicators


EN Segna GstOpe


  • Planning of the necessary activities and interface with the legal and tax consultants involved in the operations Project Management activities
  • Numerical analysis and simulations of income statement and balance sheet scenarios
  • Operational support in accounting of transactions with repercussions on the financial statements
  • Operational support for information activities to be provided during extraordinary operations (communication to customers, suppliers, etc.)
  • Operational support during the start-up phase, pre and post-bankruptcy agreement
  • Due diligence assistance


EN Segna GstCic


  • Support and interface with the sales network for sales administration, receipt and order verification
  • Customer accounting: order/invoice matching, accounting, VAT register printing
  • Invoicing (also electronic) and substitutive storage through external web portal
  • Suppliers accounting: order/invoice matching, accounting, VAT register printing. Possibility to store in cloud
  • Managing banking invoices to obtain payment in advance and managing VAT credit payment liquidation


EN Segna Outsourcing


  • Preparation of bank deposits , checks and cash collections
  • Petty cash
  • Wages and salaries accounting
  • Italian tax fulfillments: VAT register, declarations, quarterly VAT for refund request, annual closings, printing of mandatory records


EN Segna Temporary


  • Taking charge of the management of the administrative / financial sector of a company in order to guarantee continuity of the organization, increasing its existing managerial skills and at the same time solving some critical moments, both negative (cuts, economic and financial adjustment) and positive ones ( growth, new business development, functional turnaround). This service meets two specific business needs: filling a contingent shortcoming and managing change
  • The new element consists of doing typical Temporary management services in Team in order to meet all the AF&C different needs


EN Segna Assistenza


  • Judicial and extrajudicial support
  • Credit recovery
  • D.lgs. 231/2001 consultancy
  • Privacy law fulfillment support


EN Segna Agenti


  • Sales agent network management, ERP sales commission set up, periodic record data extraction and monitoring
  • Sales commission proforma invoices processing
  • Sales commission invoices recording and sales agents fiscal data management
  • Monthly sales commission summary drawing up and delivery to sales agents
  • Tax forms drawing up and delivery to sales agents
  • Enasarco/FIRR forms drawing up
  • Quantification of yearly sales commission provisions
  • Enasarco/FIRR contribution accountings


EN Segna Recupero


  • Debt aging management and debt rescheduling, SEPA flows management, POS collections
  • Sending of postal sheets to customers (CCP), CCP flux management to be sent to post office, direct deposit accounting
  • Client statement of account
  • Cash receipts and outstanding debts accounting
  • Relationship with credit collection companies


EN Segna Investor


  • Title share trend analysis
  • Analysis and sharing of financial communication guidelines
  • Predisposition of periodic communication
  • Relation with Specialists
  • Shareholders relation
  • Support in Stock Exchange and Consob Communication


EN Segna Bilancio


  • Financial statements drafting, with the statement of financial position, profit and loss account, notes to the account and cash flow statement. Relationship with External auditors
  • Corporate affairs and documentation for statutory controls (board of statutory auditors, external auditors)
  • Interface with tax advisors to quantify current tax amount and to make a tax plan for future periods
  • Analysis and implementation of an Internal Control System (through the intervention of specialized partners)


EN Segna partner


Gestin can count on the cooperation of several partners ensuring specialised services to different entities:

  • For tax issues and internal control system Gestin makes use of expert and skillful professionals with assignments of international importance
  • For legal issues Gestin makes use of a legal specialist qualified network
  • For companies that need an IT support Gestin can make available its long time experience in using Microsoft Dynamics NAV software
  • For companies that are going to adopt a modern system to manage their accounting papers, Gestin proposes to integrate their accounting system with a new cloud solution


EN Segna progetti


Among the projects followed by the members of the Gestin team, both in terms of previous experience carried out by the various members of the working group but above all in terms of tasks already obtained in the first year of activity:

  • Business Plan and reporting system preparation for a mechanical company controlled by a Swiss parent company
  • Project management during the sale of a business unit for a publishing company
  • Process and reporting Implementation of a newco sales agent network
  • Accounting Director temporary management for a Spanish company
  • Accounting process finalized to a spin off operation for an ecological service company
  • Accounting and operational support during the liquidation of a listed company
  • Accounting outsourcing for an Italian company belonging to an American multinational Group, world leader in the cosmetics and tricosmetics sector, following an operation of delocalization of the administrative-accounting function
  • Temporary management in an American multinational company, world leader in the Earthmoving sector
  • Support to the administrative structure of an American multinational company following an operational spin-off for the realignment of data from USGAAP to ITAGAAP and for the preparation of the statutory financial statements
  • Support for the preparation ITAGAAP financial statements for a company born with a business unit purchase by a Finnish multinational group
  • Administrative-accounting support in a historic company in the Bologna area operating in the fruit and vegetable sector
  • Support to a leading company in the sector of processing and disposal of ferrous scrap during the phases of choice and adoption of a new accounting management system and in the continuation of accounting operations, with prior study of the best IT solution for the core business

In 2018 Gestin participated in the Public Call for the promotion of innovative female entrepreneurship on the territory of the Municipality of San Lazzaro di Savena, winning, thanks to the presentation of a structured business plan, the assignment of offices destined by the Municipality of San Lazzaro di Savena , as a business incubator, to the development of innovative start-ups.


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