EN Segna rivolgiamo


  • To growing companies
  • To new companies generated after M&A operations (mergers, transfers, spin offs, acquisitions)
  • To start up companies without Administration, Finance and Control functions
  • To small sized enterprises recently joined in big corporate groups
  • To corporate groups with a weak control on subsidiariesTo companies developing new businesses
  • To companies looking for temporary management or replacement
  • To NAV Erp first time adoption companies (Microsoft Dynamics)

EN Segna scegliere




A Company needs professional and technical support in AF&C activities but any investment could be premature or infeasible

GESTIN, thanks to technical skills, professionalism and solidity, can temporarily fill the technical gap up to the definition of the optimal structure

The integration between different legal entities is technically complex (alignment of the accounts plan, construction of the reporting package, application of different accounting principles) but essential for future management

GESTIN can provide these skills in the transition phases, contributing to the creation of autonomous internal professional skills

Headquarter needs greater control over subsidiaries whose size does not justify autonomous reporting

GESTIN will be able to implement an “ad hoc” reporting system in agreement with the Parent Company, entrusting it to internal resources

A suitable AF&C structure is missing at the beginning of a start up or a new business within already existing realities or following choices of outsourcing of activities (spin off)

GESTIN guarantees support for the necessary time without weighing down the existing structure

There is a need to develop economic and financial plans in order to obtain and / or to maintain financial resources

In situations of deficit of some professional figures (maternity, prolonged absences, unannounced resignation) or discontinuity of service due to extraordinary operations, solutions of business crisis, liquidations

GESTIN can guarantee operations in the AF & C area for the necessary time

A Company adopts NAV management system (first time adoption of software, insertion of new modules or functionalities) with the need for operational support to train internal resources for the new IT system in the accounting and administrative day by day

GESTIN can support internal resources in the start-up phases and in the phases of adding new functionalities, providing the appropriate professional skills and so creating an independent internal professionalism